Bar-B replacement windows are available, including installation, for as low as $10 per window per month!  


  • Beveled frame design replicates the traditional look of wood.
  • Frames and sash are welded at mitered corners for strength and resilience.
  • Frame profiles are chambered for additional strength and thermal performance.
  • Double-strength glass units with Low E / Argon-filled gas.
  • U-channel spacer design is more efficient than box spacers.
  • Interlocking design of the meeting rail secures sash tightly together around weatherstripping to help prevent drafts.
  • Sill has a sloped design to prevent water from pooling in heavy rains.
  • Closed-cell foam sill bulb protects against air and water infiltration at the sill.
  • Easy-to-move sash remains in any open position because because of a durable, constant force coil spring balance system.
  • Both top and bottom sash tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home.
  • Dual pop-out vent latches allow the sash to partially open for ventilation.
Bar B Replacement Window Image


With rising heating and cooling costs coming in at record numbers, homeowners have to make every dollar count. That’s why we are proud that Bar-B Replacement Windows are some of the most advanced, most energy efficient and highest performing replacement
windows available. 

Making the most of warm-edge technology coupled with intuitive design features, Bar-B Replacement Windows are an excellent choice to help reduce heating and cooling costs in every climate region across the country.

Bar-B Replacement Windows help to lower energy costs because they feature Low E glass and Argon gas inside the insulating glass unit. Low E glass helps keep heated air inside during colder months and air-conditioned air inside during warmer months. Argon gas is a non-toxic gas that is heavier than air. By replacing the air inside the insulating glass unit with Argon, it adds higher insulating values and increases efficiency.